Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tablescape Thursday 10-29-09

My Halloween Tablescape!

My name is Mady and I am
Really Rainey's Granddaughter.
I have been tablescaping since
the summer time and I really love it!
This is my Halloween Tablescape and its really spooky.

Gramma took a photo of me
taking photos of my tablescape.

Here is my Halloween Tablescape.
I have been collecting things for it for weeks!


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See you on Foodie Friday!


  1. What a great job you did on your little tablescape! Have a great Halloween.


  2. Wow, you are a great tablescaper, just like your gramma! Well done!

    Happy Halloween and don't eat too much candy!

    Best wishes, NM.

  3. This is a great table...You have done an excellent tablescape...
    Have a wonderful Halloween !!!

  4. Excellent job! Hope you have a great Halloween!

  5. Great job!!! May you continue to love Tablescaping!

  6. Mady,

    You have done a great job on your spooky tablescape. Happy Halloween!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  7. wow sass that was spooky! good job!
    love auntie

  8. That's a great Hallowe'en tablescape! The bugs and spiders are a nice touch! Happy Haunting!

  9. Maddy, I'm soooo impressed that you not only created a super spooky table setting but were able to use the tripod & take some wonderful pictures, as well. BRAVO to you, Honey!
    Keep up the good work. I wish I had started thinking about pretty tables when I was your age.

    ♥ Rettabug

    Come see my grandson's Halloween birthday party from last week. I think you'll get a kick out of the food. :D

  10. Mady! You did a spooktacular job! Have a fun Halloween!!

  11. That is a really spooky table. Boo!

  12. OH Present that is very spooky!! I love the green flowers on the vase. Have a wonderful time Trick or Treating. Love you!

  13. Not only are you creative, but I love the care you take in photographing your tablescape! Great job!

  14. Excellent tablescape, Mady! I love that you got all the great Halloween colors involved here - the purple and green along with the black and orange! And great use of texture, too, with the cold hardness of the cast-iron cauldrons complimenting the light airiness of the creepy-crawly spiders' legs on the plates, and then the soft petals of the deadly green flowers! I love the way you used the cauldron to hold your napkins - how very chic of you! Your candle coordinates with your floral centerpiece and you finished it off beautifully with the black bow! Your dinnerware is exquisite, dear, and your orange flatware sets it off to perfection! And do I detect a bit of candy corn in the goblets, along with the spooky skeletons? I LIKE that a lot! You did a great job; I daresay you will give your grandma a run for her money on the tablescapes! Enjoy!!! Leslie Anne

  15. You did a fabulous job on your tablescape!!! It is really cute. I love the photo your Grandma took of you taking a photo of the table. You should be very proud of your table. It's spooktacular!!! Have a Happy Halloween.

  16. Oh darlin! That a wonderful tablescape -- You did a great job hope you'll do lots more for us.